Bandit Springs Stout

Deep and dark in color but smooth and full of roasted notes. This is stout brewed in the Irish style with characteristic oatmeal and roasted barley, this dry stout will keep your boots stomp’n the trail all the way out to Bandit Springs. ABV 4.3% • IBU 41

Last Day IPA

This IPA was released to celebrate 12/21/12. Dry hopped lightly and bittered with Magnums over a very light malt bill give this IPA a very light color but a very clean bite. Apparently we’re all living in an alternate universe so why not enjoy it with this tasty IPA. ABV 6% • IBU 60

Chocolate Porter

A mild porter dosed with Chocolate and Black Patent Malt to lend dark chocolate flavor with coffee like aroma. No cocoa nibs in this brew but plenty of silky smooth flavor. ABV 5.1% • IBU 27

Prinetucky Pale Ale

Light and crisp, this pale ale has a clean hop profile throughout. Spiced gently with Nugget and Crystal hops, it’s a brew that will keep you refreshed through a hot Central Oregon Day or by bbq at the lake. ABV 5.2% • IBU 41

Show Me the Honey Wheat

Brewed not only with wheat malt and 2-row but specialty honey malt; this is a wheat ale with a twist. Best enjoyed cold, with crushed oranges in the glass; you’ll find the essence of banana and clove produced by the yeast during fermentation blends with notes of coriander creating a small ray of summer sunshine. ABV 4.7% • IBU 40

Double Dam IPA

Sharing the name with two of our great Crook County water features, this Double IPA offers the beer lover an intense hop profile coupled with deep malt notes. The Double Dam will make you swear you’re chewing on a portion of last year’s hop harvest. ABV 7.75% • IBU 90