Jester and Judge Blackberry

This cider tries to bring forward all the luscious goodness of blackberries without being crazy sweet. 5.2% ABV

Steins (Steens) Pilsner

Pronounced “Steens” and named after Crook Counties famous landmark Stein’s Pillar. Brewed with imported German pilsner malt and fermented with traditional Saaz hops and fermented with Czech Pilz yeast to bring you the smooth and satisfying flavor of the homeland. ABV 4.9% • IBU 36

What the Sam Hill Sour

Yep, we done it….we put our Prinetucky Pale in a barrel and added a little culture to it. A little bit of malty, a little bit hoppy, and a little bit of sour. Put on orange in or don’t but either way this tasty seasonal will have your mouth watering and your lips puckered. ABV 5.4% • IBU 40 (we …


This is a traditional German Doppelbock grain bill fermented with our house ale yeast at a cool temperature. A few sweet caramel notes with hints of chocolate warm the palate while the use of ale yeast keeps this beer from being too sweet. ABV 8.0% • IBU 19

What are we up to?

We make great beer and great food. Our locally sourced beef along with our hand crafted beer will make your day. Whether your riding a trusty steed through the Ochoco Mountains or throttling your iron horse through the high desert we’ve got and ale for your ailments. Please stop by and check us out!

Aces Pineapple Cider

Tart and tangy with lots of pineapple flavor you’ll savor. Careful if you have one, you’ll want 3.

C.W. Bourbon Stout

Our Bandit Springs Imperial Stout has been aged two years in a CW Irwin Bourbon Barrel and reemerged as CW Bourbon Stout. You’ll find hints of bourbon oak and a touch of vanilla. Natural, raw, real, almost organic. ABV 10% 

Barker’s Bitter

A SMASH beer brewed especially for Central Oregon Beer week. This single malt and single hop beer was created with Grambrinus ESB Pale malt and Crystal hops. We’ve strayed a little from a traditional Bitter with a low temp fermentation to bring out some bready notes along with some dry hopping for a nice bouquet. Have a few and celebrate …

2017 C.W. Schnocker 22oz Bottles

Deep red winter warmer ale aged in a C.W. Irwin bourbon barrel. Strong bourbon accents meld with spicy oak undertones accenting hints of malt and dark fruit for a true knockout winter ale. At 10.5% ABV this is the bottle that gives back. Will your beer be a Schnocker? ABV 10.5%

Little Red Riding Ale

Deep Red in color and filled with note of amber caramel and toffee. Deep red malts offer this make this beer smooth and clean with just a hint of fruitiness at the end. Take another sip and you’ll think you’re in candy land. ABV 5.4% • IBU 40