This is the grand daddy list of every Ochoco Beer that has been available. Some of these are brewed regularly and some may never again see the light of day.


  • Double Dam IPA

    Sharing the name with two of our great Crook County water features, this Double IPA offers the beer lover an intense hop profile coupled with deep malt notes. The Double Dam will make you swear you’re chewing on a portion of last year’s hop harvest.
    ABV 7.75% • IBU 90

  • Show Me the Honey Wheat

    Brewed not only with wheat malt and 2-row but specialty honey malt; this is a wheat ale with a twist. Best enjoyed cold, with crushed oranges in the glass; you’ll find the essence of banana and clove produced by the yeast during fermentation blends with notes of coriander creating a small ray of summer sunshine.
    ABV 4.7% • IBU 40

  • Prinetucky Pale Ale

    Light and crisp, this pale ale has a clean hop profile throughout. Spiced gently with Nugget and Crystal hops, it’s a brew that will keep you refreshed through a hot Central Oregon Day or by bbq at the lake.
    ABV 5.2% • IBU 41

  • Chocolate Porter

    A mild porter dosed with Chocolate and Black Patent Malt to lend dark chocolate flavor with coffee like aroma. No cocoa nibs in this brew but plenty of silky smooth flavor.
    ABV 5.1% • IBU 27

  • Last Day IPA

    This IPA was released to celebrate 12/21/12. Dry hopped lightly and bittered with Magnums over a very light malt bill give this IPA a very light color but a very clean bite. Apparently we’re all living in an alternate universe so why not enjoy it with this tasty IPA.
    ABV 6% • IBU 60

  • Bandit Springs Stout

    Deep and dark in color but smooth and full of roasted notes. This is stout brewed in the Irish style with characteristic oatmeal and roasted barley, this dry stout will keep your boots stomp’n the trail all the way out to Bandit Springs.
    ABV 4.3% • IBU 41

  • Crook light (Kolsch)

    Brewed to be refreshing and highly quaffable, this light beer is brewed with a combination of Pilsner Malt and White Wheat Malt, then fermented cold with traditional ale yeast. A single addition of bittering hops along with a cold fermentation gives this brew a complexity of yeast and grain notes throughout with a clean hop finish.
    ABV 4.15% • IBU 18

  • Raghorn Brown

    A smooth and nutty brown ale accentuated by nots of dark carmel and brown sugar. Hopped delicately to offer a very nice British style brown. A perfect way to finish off any day.
    ABV 5.09% • IBU 20

  • Smoked Porter

    A mild porter dosed with Chocolate Malt, Black Patent Malt and infused with smoke to lend a rustic finish to this smooth porter.
    ABV 5.1% • IBU 27

  • Winter Schnocker

    Brewed with 6 varieties of malt and a lot personal pride, we’ve crafted this beer to build lots of lasting winter memories. One sip will lead your mouth from flavors of dark fruit to the grain fields of the Midwest and on to a fine malty finish with a hint of dark cocoa. Will your winter warmer be a Shnocker?
    ABV 9.25% • IBU 59

  • Solar Schnocker

    This is a hoppy strong ale that can’t be beat for complex flavor and high gravity. As the name implies, this Summer ale offers a distinctively smooth malt profile with just enough hops to provide a citrus accent. Be sure to sit down for this one and sip throughout the evening.
    ABV 9% • IBU 59

  • Better Off Blonde Ale

    A traditional blonde ale spiced delicately with just the right amount of hop to deliver a crisp yet malty finish. Enjoy!
    ABV 3.4% • IBU 18

  • Little Red Riding Ale

    Deep Red in color and filled with note of amber caramel and toffee. Deep red malts offer this make this beer smooth and clean with just a hint of fruitiness at the end. Take another sip and you’ll think you’re in candy land.
    ABV 5.4% • IBU 40

  • 2017 C.W. Schnocker 22oz Bottles

    Deep red winter warmer ale aged in a C.W. Irwin bourbon barrel. Strong bourbon accents meld with spicy oak undertones accenting hints of malt and dark fruit for a true knockout winter ale. At 10.5% ABV this is the bottle that gives back. Will your beer be a Schnocker?
    ABV 10.5%

  • Barker’s Bitter

    A SMASH beer brewed especially for Central Oregon Beer week. This single malt and single hop beer was created with Grambrinus ESB Pale malt and Crystal hops. We’ve strayed a little from a traditional Bitter with a low temp fermentation to bring out some bready notes along with some dry hopping for a nice bouquet. Have a few and celebrate COBW!
    ABV 5.1% • IBU 20

  • C.W. Bourbon Stout

    Our Bandit Springs Imperial Stout has been aged two years in a CW Irwin Bourbon Barrel and reemerged as CW Bourbon Stout. You’ll find hints of bourbon oak and a touch of vanilla. Natural, raw, real, almost organic.
    ABV 10% 

  • Fusebock

    This is a traditional German Doppelbock grain bill fermented with our house ale yeast at a cool temperature. A few sweet caramel notes with hints of chocolate warm the palate while the use of ale yeast keeps this beer from being too sweet.

    ABV 8.0% • IBU 19

  • What the Sam Hill Sour

    Yep, we done it….we put our Prinetucky Pale in a barrel and added a little culture to it. A little bit of malty, a little bit hoppy, and a little bit of sour. Put on orange in or don’t but either way this tasty seasonal will have your mouth watering and your lips puckered.

    ABV 5.4% • IBU 40 (we think)

  • Steins (Steens) Pilsner

    Pronounced “Steens” and named after Crook Counties famous landmark Stein’s Pillar. Brewed with imported German pilsner malt and fermented with traditional Saaz hops and fermented with Czech Pilz yeast to bring you the smooth and satisfying flavor of the homeland.

    ABV 4.9% • IBU 36

  • Pale Raddler

    Our tasty Printucky Pale Ale infused with Pineapple and Grapefruit Juice.

    4.5 ABV 31 IBu