Ochoco Brewing Company is a venture born out of a desire and passion for community and quality of life mixed with just the right amount of hand crafted beer and fresh, locally produced food.

The dream was birthed from a simple vision: “Love God, Work Hard, Drink Beer. If we do these things well, we will surely love our neighbors as ourselves.” The brewery evolved out of basement home-brewing experiments in the early 2000’s. With financial funding and lot of hard work from friends and family, Ochoco Brewing Company opened its doors as a pub in Prineville in 2011 as Solstice Brewing Company. It took a little time to get the brew house completed, but in 2012 it finally came together. The original 7bbl brewery was crammed into an 800-square foot space with used pieces of equipment purchased from Terminal Gravity Brewing and Double Mountain Brewing here in Oregon. Although it’s not the fanciest brew system, it’s the same one that still brews our delicious beers today.

After several years, we decided it was time to put long term roots down in Crook County and in 2015 re-branded as Ochoco Brewing Company, harkening back to the name of the first brewery ever in Central Oregon in the 1870’s here in Prineville. Although the original Ochoco Brewery burned down and passed out of history un-noticed before 1900, the new brand was welcomed with great enthusiasm and a bigger brewery was needed. Seeking pathways to continue growth, late in 2015 the pub was moved to its current location and the brewery to an industrial space on the edge of Prineville. This allowed the brewery to grow into a 4000 sq ft space and the pub to stretch its legs in a historic downtown building known notoriously as “Cecils’s Past Time.” Today our brewing facility daily delivers beer to the pub, as well as other establishments throughout Central Oregon, and both pub and brewery are an integral part of bringing delicious beer and food to Prineville.


Although craft breweries are popping up everywhere, we believe in what Ochoco Brewing Company uniquely offers, and over the last few years, much of the original vision has taken hold. It is an environment where people can gather around good beer and food, and often live music, to converse and celebrate life, as well as journey together. Through the use of local meats, breads, dairy products and vegetables, our menu has flourished along with our beer. The life and activities in our restaurant reflect the needs and identity of our local community.

Born from desire, passion, and a thirsty home brewer, Ochoco Brewing Company is proud to be amongst a community of industrial athletes, cattlemen, contractors, tire slingers, and server technicians. Real people, real beer.